The Boring Stuff

Why the name?

Whether it be the table you eat at or the device you're reading this from, it's built by someone. That someone is an entrepreneur, and to us, they are the Superheroes of our time. With this idea in mind, Superhero Capital was founded back in 2015. We are like Alfred to Batman.

Currently, we have 3 active funds and a total of 70MEur AUM.

Our Superhero Investors

Public sector: 30%
Pension companies: 25%
Insurance companies: 5%
Banks: 8%
Corporate investors: 10%
Family offices: 3%
Private individuals: 14%
Foundations and donations: 3%
Superhero GP: 2%‍

All of our LPs, our investors, are from Finland except one from the US.
Reporting to our LPs is done according to Invest Europe's Investor Reporting Guidelines.
Superhero Capital is fully owned by its key personnel.

Contact for media

Jakob Storå
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“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”

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